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1How Attila Died
2How Tycho Brahe Died
3How Horace Wells Died
4How Francis Bacon Died
5How Jerome Irving Rodale DiedFunny!
6How Aeschylus Died
7How Jim Fixx Died
8How Lully Died
9This way to egress
10A lady who was known as Churchill's main rival in parliament...
11CNN is reporting that it is revisiting the outcome...
12Plague rhyme
13In ancient England a person could not have sex...Funny!
14In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed...
15Origin of a famous four-letter sequence
16A Vietnam War story
17A medieval Jewish astrologer prophesied to a king...Very Funny!
19Engineering history lessonVery Funny!
20Of the Greek prime minister Plasteras...
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