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1$250 Cookie RecipeFunny!
2Brian received a phone call...
3Sam told me about the accident...
4OMNI Magazine ContestFunny!
5When the last scene of Titanic faded to black...
6How smart is that?
7Who is smarter?Funny!
8Allen was in a store that was playing...
9An obvious connectionFunny!
10In an upcoming Playboy interview, Geraldo Rivera...
11A strict penalty
12A small spoonerism
13Some real headlines
14Salt Lake City is No. 1 in the world in Jell-O consumption...
15Noted Dough Boy DiesFunny!
16The Stanford Law Review runs the following quote...Funny!
17Near the Delaware Memorial Bridge tollbooth
18One of our Favorite Headlines...
19DJ PrankFunny!
20Some Boeing employees recently "liberated" a life raft...Funny!
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