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   There are two major products to come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We
   don't believe this to be a coincidence.

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"I don't have anything against geeks. I was one for 11 years! I used to
 think PC's were the greatest thing since sliced bread... Then someone
 showed me sliced bread."

-- Unknown, from Charles Seggelin's 1996 Quote Book,

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"... O/S wars are almost always fought solely by soldiers unfamiliar with
 the territory."

-- Lon Stowell in alt.folklore.computers

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* Applying computer technology is simply finding the right wrench to
       pound in the correct screw.

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"If you think C++ is not overly complicated, just what is a protected
 abstract virtual base pure virtual private destructor, and when was the
 last time you needed one?"

-- Tom Cargil, C++ Journal

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"So fsck was originally called something else."
"What was it called?"
"Well, the second letter was different."

-- Dennis Ritchie, Unknown, Dennis Ritchie

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"Hugh Falk currently owns a TRS-80, TI 99/4A, Apple IIc, Vic-20, C-64,
 SX-64, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga, two networked PCs, and several old game
 systems. His goal is to someday load them all into a balloon and use the
 heat they generate to circle the globe."


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"Any attempt to brew coffee with a teapot should result in the error code
 "418 I'm a teapot". The resulting entity body MAY be short and stout."

-- HTCPCP Spec, RFC 2324

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"There's more than one way to do it."

-- The Perl Slogan

"It's a good thing there's more than one way to do it because most of them
 don't work."

-- The Windows Perl Slogan

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"And Mr Caffeine-Deficient-Brain went .... Imperial Star Destroyers? with
 serial ports?"

-- Siggi the Underpaid, alt.sysadmin.recovery

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