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Penis Names

1. Russell The One-Eyed Wonder Muscle

2. Gristle Missle

3. Pumping Pole of Penile Power

4. Bone-Her

5. Harry & the Hendersons (Hendersons are the balls)

6. Granite Edifice

7. One-Eyed Fred

8. Dip Stick

9. Piss Pump

10. Meat Wrench

11. Nightcrawler

12. Blue-veined Junket Pumper

13. Love Pump

14. Richard and the Twins

15. One Eyed Wonder Weasel

16. Ralph The Fur Faced Chicken

17. Tobias the Cheeky Monkey

18. Johnson

19. Trouser Snake

20. Tool

21. Thrill Drill

22. Sex Pistol

23. Pocket Rocket

24. One Hole Friction Whistle

25. The Pink Oboe

26. Purple-Helmeted Warrior

27. Purple-Helmeted Yogurt Thrower

28. Trouser Trout

29. Vlad The Impaler

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