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Inappropriate Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Li'l Naturalist Hornet Farm

2. A Pee Wee Herman pull toy

3. The Duncan Yo  -- Goes down, never comes back.
Teaches children about warranties

4. ,200 pick up -- a jumbo deck of cards that lets kids play
a larger version of their favorite game

5. The "Learn about puberty chia pet"

6. Supersoaker 9000:  For use on those hard to reach targets; NFL referees,
low flying  planes, and many more.  At close range it can strip paint,
clean rusty grills, and dig utility trenches.

7. The laff-o-minit jajic spellin' tootor

8. Doggie dentist -- Kids learn about dentistry on the family pooch.

9. Cuisin-Art -- Turns mommy's food processor into a spinning paint tool.

10. Water retention Wanda -- Teaches kids the principles of the calendar.

11. Advanced play medical kit -- includes colonoscope and speculum.

12. Chocolate covered lead soldiers.

13. Bungeroo -- kid sized bungee kit for second story bedrooms.

14. Islamic strip poker -- lose a hand, lose a hand.

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