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Funny Statistics

1. Average life expectancy ( in seconds ) of an
enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film          : 4

2. Number of men who have written letters
proposing marriage to Vanna White             : 3506

3. Age most people stop believing in Santa Claus : 8
Age most people stop believing in politicians : 7

4. Number of chemical elements in the universe   : 104
In a glass of New Jersey tap water            : 98

5. Number of "Yuppie-dramas" now being developed
by the 3 major networks                       : thirtysomething

6. Number of days into baseball season before
Cleveland Indians are written off as pennant
contendors                                    : 5

7. Average powder base ( in inches ) on Aspen
ski slope                                     : 17
On Tammy Bakker                               : 1/4

8. Salary of the average Pro Wrestler            : $47,500 /yr.
If Pro Wrestling didn't exist                 : $4.25/hr.

9. Number of things that annoy Andy Rooney       : 2,000,000
Number of people annoyed by Andy Rooney       : 23,000,000

10. Average miles per gallon you can expect if a
car maker's ad says " 30 mpg, city"           : 23

11. Number of pe.ople who aren't doctors, but  play
them on TV                                    : 57
Who aren't doctor's but  play them in
hospitals                                     : 5,840

12. Number of pe.ople in the history of air travel
who have been able to get a $99 Maxsaver
fare to coast                                 : 2
Restrictions for that fare                    : 237

13. Percentage of the public that understand the
new tax code                                  : 11%
Percentage of accountants who understand it   : 9%
Percentage of IRS employees who understand it : 6%

14. Number of people who work for the government  : about half

15. Number of Americans who believe any of the
statistics on this page are accurate          : 2,478,644
Who believe TV Evangelists are trustworthy    : 2,478,644  

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