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Brand Name Condoms and Their Slogans

1. Nike Condoms:           Just do it.

2. Toyota Condoms:         Oh, what a feeling!  Who can ask for anything more?

3. Diet Pepsi Condoms:     You got the right one, baby.

4. Pringles Condoms:       Once you pop, you can't stop.

5. Mentos Condoms:         The freshmaker.

6. Flinstones Vitamins  Condom Pack:          Ten million strong and growing.

7. Secret Condoms:         Strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman.

8. Macintosh Condoms:      It does more, it costs less, it's that simple.
                         Point and Shoot!

9. Ford Condoms:           The best never rest.  Have you Driven a Ford Lately?

10. Chevy Condoms:          Like a Rock.

11. Jeep-Eagle Condom:      There's Only One Jeep (sold in singles only)

12. The Saturn Condom:      A *Different* Kind of Condom

13. Dial Condoms:           Aren't you glad you use it?  Don't you wish
                         everybody did?

14. NY Lotto Condoms:       'Cause, hey -- you never know.

15. Avis Condoms:           Trying harder than ever.

16. EverReady Condoms:      Keeps going and going ...

17. KFC Condoms:            Finger-Licking Good.

18. Coca Cola Condoms:      Always the Real Thing.

19. Diet Coke Condom:       Just for the taste of it.

20. Lays Condom:            Betcha can't have just one.

21. Bud-Lite Condom:        Where's the Love Man!

22. Honda Motorcycle Condom:         Come Ride With Us

23. SEVEN-UP Condom:            The UN-Condom

24. Iomega Condom:          For All Your Stuff

25. Microsoft Condom:       Where do you want to go today? We are universally

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