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Abraham Lincoln vs. John F Kennedy
Actual label instructions on consumer goods
Actual quotes by dumb lawyers
Amusing Irrelevant Facts
A Reference Guide For Weekend Fun
As much use as...
Astrological Signs Like You have Never Seen them
Automatic e-mail reply messages


Bart Simpson Chalkboard Sayings
Bathroom Sayings
Best and Worst Comments Taken From MIT Course Evaluation Guide
Best Out of Office Automatic e-mail Replies
Big Busted Women...
Brand Name Condoms and Their Slogans


Cartoon Laws of Physics
Children Books Not recommended by the National Library Association
Chinese Proverbs
Chinese vs. English
Collection of Curses
Collection of Lame Jokes
Collection of Trick Questions
Collection of Very Clean Humor
Comments made by NBC commentators during 2004 Summer Olympics
Computer Lies
Computers & Electronics as Depicted in Movies
Confucious Say...
Cool Things to Do in a Shower Stall
Corporate Lessons


Damn, it's good to be a man...
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy
Differences Between High School and College
Dream Girl Sayings
Dr. Seuss's Lesser-Known Books


Easy Training Courses for Women
Eaten Words
Elephant Jokes
Entertaining UNIX Commands
Ethnic Guide to Women
Ever wonder...
Exercise Or Not To Exercise


Famous Books Never Written
FDA Beer Warnings
Female Rules
Forgotten Assembly Language Commands
Funny Foreign English Phrases
Funny Foreign Frases
Funny Statistics
Fun Things for Professors to Do on the First Week of Class
Fun Things to Do in a Final That Does Not Matter
Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
Fun Things to Do on the First Day of Class
Fun ways to order pizza


Greeting Cards You Will Never See in the Hallmark Store


Health Questions and Answers
Heartless Things to Say in the Ladies Dressing Room
Historical Tidbits
Hit Television Shows in Iraq
How can you live without knowing these things?
How to be annoying
How to Know You Are Growing Older
How to retool your ailing lexicon
How to tell if it is going to be a rotten day


If Men Got Pregnant...
I Get No Respect
Inappropriate Christmas Gift Ideas
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts II
Ivy League Lightbulb Jokes


Jesus vs. Elvis
Jewish Jokes
Jewish Zen


Kids Say the Darnest Things


Laws for Women to Live by
Letters to Santa
Life in the Middle Ages
List of Things to Do When You Find Someone Left Their Vax/VMS Account Without Logging Out
List of Viruses


Medical Terminology for the Layman
Murphy's Laws
Music history according to students


Name Puns We'd All Like To See
New Barbie Dolls
New Economic Lingo - the Crisis Special
New Guidelines for Employees
New Slang Dictionary as of 2001
Nightmare Final Exam Questions
Normisms -- funny lines from Norm on Cheers


Obvious Headlines


Penis Names
Pickup Lines
Pick-up lines and rebuttals
Pickup Lines for Engineering Students
Pipe specifications for idiots
Politically correct men descriptions
Politically correct women descriptions
Pregnancy Questions -- Ask the Guru
Proper Care of Floppies



Random Trivia
Real excuse notes from parents (with their original spelling)
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Someone's Used Sofa
Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Someone's Used Sofa. The Owner Says:
Rejected Titles for the Movie "Twister"
Rules for Bedroom Golf


Shortest Books Ever Written
Shortest Books Ever Written (Part II)
Signs You Have a Drinking Problem
Small Busted Women...
Society's Burning Questions
Sorority Girl Jokes
Southern Talk
Special Classes for Men
Speech Goofs
Star Trek episodes which will never happen
Steven Wright One-Liners
Student-Teacher Exchanges
Stupid Headlines Printed by the Press
Stupid Men Jokes
Stupid Questions
Stupid Questions II
Stupid Things Said by Dan Quayle
Supermodel Wisdom


Ten Classic Resume Bloopers (Know them, so You Won't Make Them)
Ten Types of Computer Users
The Corporate Zodiac
The Shit List
The Ten Commandments of the Frisbee
The top ten times in history when it was OK to use the 'F' Word
The Two Cow Explanation
Things not to do at a funeral
Things (NOT) to Do or Say at or for Your Thesis Defense
Things not to Say During Sex
Things NOT to Say on Dates for Guys
Things to Ponder
Things You Do not Want To Hear from Tech Support
Things you don't want to hear during surgery
Things You Learn From Video Games
Thin People...
Top 25 country songs
Top Drug-Using Cartoon Suspects
Top Pickup Lines Used by William Shakespeare
Top Reasons God Created Eve
Top Signs You're a New Yorker
Top Ten Reasons Trick or Treating is Better Than Sex
Top Ten Ways to Get Pardoned from Clinton
True Stories Told on Insurance Forms
Types of Boyfriends and Girlfriends


Unconventional Wisdom
Unlikely Barney Episodes
Uses for Data Head


Variations On Murphy's Law


Warning Labels
Water and Coke
Ways to Annoy People
Ways to be obnoxious on Usenet
Ways to Confuse, Worry, or Just Scare the Bejeezus Out of People in the Computer Lab
Ways to Cope with Stress
Ways to Get Rid of Your Blind Date
What Does Love Mean?
What Is It Called?
Why Coffee is Better the Women
Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? -- Famous Answers
Why God Never Received Tenure at Any University
Why the Internet is Like a Penis
Wise thoughts on everything
Woman-Speak Translator
Women keywords and their meaning



Yiddish for the Masses
Yo Momma Lines: Misc
Yo Momma Lines: So Fat
Yo Momma Lines: So Old
Yo Momma Lines: So Poor
Yo Momma Lines: So Stupid
Yo Momma Lines: So Ugly
You Know It Is a Bad Day When...
You know you are addicted to the Internet when...
You know you are out of college when...
You Know You Play Too Much Quake, When...
You know you're no longer a kid when...
You Know You're Too Stressed If...
You Might Be A Computer Nerd If...
You might be a Redneck If...


Zen Thoughts

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