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81The differenceFunny!
82Only once
83The seven kinds of passionate womenFunny!
84What is the difference between women and men?Funny!
85How are women like elevators?
86Why did the Avon lady walk funny?
87Henry Ford dies and goes to heaven...Funny!
88What is the difference between a blonde and a brunette?
89What two things in the air will get a women pregnant?Funny!
90Why do not women wear dresses in the winter?
92Her father was very angry when he heard that his...Funny!
93Why have not Women landed on the Moon?
94One day in the Garden of Eden...
95In the beginning, God created earth and rested...Funny!
96The Makers of Viagra are announcing that they have...
97Three girls died and were brought to the gates...Funny!
98Why do women have arms?
99Why did the woman with P.M.S. cross the road?
100What's the difference between a woman with PMS and...
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