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1American Way of RobberyFunny!
2A loving coupleFunny!
3Love to Death
4In jail...
5The painful execution
6An amazing forebodingFunny!
7The District Attorney requested all the robbery victims to...
8A robber was robbing a house...
9A judge asked a defendant to please stand...
10Poor batman!
11What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to Pee Wee Herman in their holding cell at the jail?
12What is the difference between Christopher Reeves and OJ Simpson?
13How come Mike Tysons eyes always water during sex?
14Paddy was picked up on a rape charge...
15Three newly incarcerated convicts are discussing how they...
16While in prison OJ had another prisoner join him in his cell...Funny!
17A guy's on the electric chair...
18Bad Bernie was in prison for seven years...
19It's not a dance
20What's O. J. Simpson's Internet address?
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