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141Did you hear that Betty Crocker passed away...
142What did the blind man say when he was handed a cheese grater?
143What goes "click click, Is that it?, click click, Is that it?"
144Holiday Party Festivity Levels
145What do you see when the pillsbary dough boy bends over?
146Did you here about the new atomic cocktail?
147Another yamamma...
148Death of Energizer Bunny
149What would you do if you had a condum with a hole...
150How to Hunt Elephants -- Math style
151How to Hunt Elephants -- Comp Sci Style
152How to hunt elephants -- Lawyers style
153How to Hunt Elephants -- VP Style
154How to Hunt Elephants -- Sales Style
155What did Mr. Spock find in the toilet?
156What is the definition of Agony?
157There was a farmer, sitting on the front porch of his house...
158Two men met at a bar and struck up a conversation...
159If the NSA made toasters...
160If Sony made toasters...
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