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1Safest Way to DriveFunny!
2California Driving Test AnswersFunny!
3Love Jesus
4In case of emergencyFunny!
5There was a man and woman traveling along in their car...Funny!
6A materialistFunny!
7Two guys are driving through Texas when...Funny!
8A Lutheran minister is driving down...Funny!
9When asked for her occupation...
10Radar Gun ErrorFunny!
11A Britt in South Africa was enjoying a ride...
12Jones is driving past the state mental hospital...Funny!
13a quadruple amputee is waiting at the bus stop...
14A driver, obviously drunk, was heading the wrong way...
15The answer to the eternal questionFunny!
16A juggler, driving to his next performance, is stopped by...
17Why do men pay more than women for car insurance?
18A state trooper pulled a car over...Very Funny!
19A well dressed businessman got into a Manhattan cab...
20A guy driving a truck in the middle of nowhere...Funny!
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