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21Reaching the end of a job interview...Funny!
22Why you should learn to use algebra . . .
23Not that my wife is the jealous type or anything, but one day at work...
24A customer sent an order to a distributor...
25Two Italian construction workers...Funny!
26Some things never change
27Wrong floor
28A middle manager is called into his bosses office...Very Funny!
29Things That Sound Dirty At The Office But Are Not
30Saving the situation
31Mr. Jones had hired a new secretary...Funny!
32After working together for a while...
33Bank TellerFunny!
34The crusty old managing partner finally passed away...Funny!
35A very modest lady applied for a job...
36Calling in Sick....
37As the end of the day drew near...
38Equally qualifiedFunny!
39The most painful part
40The Yuppette had risen to executive level...
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