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21One day, a Smartie and a Polo were having a drink in the pub...
22Out of the Greek Myths
23What is a breathanalyzer?
24A driver, obviously drunk, was heading the wrong way...
25On a very cold night...
26There was a drunk man walking down the street turning...Funny!
27A somewhat drunk man feels a...Funny!
28A drunk leaves a bar and decides to take a shortcut...
29Two drunks walk into a bar...
30A completely inebriated man was stumbling down...Funny!
31There was a husband and his wife sitting next to a drunk...Funny!
32Clearing it
33A real calamity
34A drunk staggered into a cemetery and...
35How can you tell?
36What's the difference between a drunk and an alcoholic?
38A woman goes into a bar with a little Chihuahua dog...
39Lost all my luggage
40What to do
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