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441Play doctor
442How does Herpes leave the hospital?
443A Frenchman was arrested and charged with having sex...Funny!
444How do you know when you have a serious overbite?
445Those clothes are very becoming on you
446No children yet
447How does a women hold her liquor?
448Did you hear about the new course you can take at school?
449A guy approaches a prostitute on the street and asks her...
450There is this French couple, sitting up talking, when...
451One day, a young cowboy and a cowgirl decided...Funny!
452A man takes his 10 year old daughter to the doctor...
453Man who goes to sleep with sex...Funny!
454How do you know you're leading a sad life?
455What is the definition of an overbite?
456How do you know when your girlfriend is too fat?
457It has been determined that having sex before...
458An older Jewish gentleman marries a younger lady...
459A guy meets a girl out at a nightclub and she invites him back...
460Mrs. Jones is having her house painted...Funny!
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