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421There once was a young Irish woman who went to confession...Funny!
422A new contraceptive
423Why is 88 better than 69?Funny!
424Did you hear about the call girl who accidentally...
425Nauseous sexVery Funny!
426An infamous stud with a long list of conquests...Very Funny!
427Two drunks sitting at the rural area bar, lamenting...
428I tried phone sex once...
429A wonderful exercise
430Why are women like snow flakes?
431Why do women fake orgasms?Funny!
432Did you know there are serial number on condoms?Funny!
433A young kid's in a shipwreck and he winds up stranded...Funny!
434A prostitute goes to the hospital to visit a colleague...
435Who makes more money a drug dealer or a hooker?Funny!
436What's the difference between a Geneologist and a Gynecologist?
437What's the difference between mono and herpes?
438What is red and has seven dents?Funny!
439What's the definition of a real loser?
440An aging hooker volunteered to give the novice...
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