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401Three altar boys are standing in the snow with...
402The clerk showed the man the store's most expensive perfume...Funny!
403This fellow was screwing his best friend's wife when he...
404The common symptoms of swine flu
405Take her apart!Funny!
406The art of foreplay
407Wife comes home to find the old man shagging the dog...
408A priest is teaching a nun how to swim...
409One neighbor says to the other...
410The dean of women at an exclusive girl's college...Funny!
411A wife went in to see a therapist and said...Funny!
412What is the difference between a Slut and a Bitch?Funny!
413Did you know Sex is a crime?
414If a light sleeper sleeps lighter with...
415One day this old man was about to have sex with a young girl...
416Three college students were rapping about who they'd like to be...
417What is a man's idea of protected sex?
418Two friends met after a long time, and chatted about...
419How do you tell if you're making love to a nurse...Funny!
420The definition of amnesia
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