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301Why does a dog lick his balls?
302Why do dogs stick their noses in women's crotches?
303Why don't women blink during foreplay?
304A blind guy goes into a whore house...
305What was the First Commandment?Funny!
306Jake is 85, and he gets married to a 16-year-old.
307In the Sex Ed class the teacher says...Funny!
308A middle-aged guy and his date are making out hot and heavy...
309A novel idea
310A couple on their honeymoon woke up after their big night...
311Why is having a wank like eating McDonald's?
312Two bikers were talking at a bar...
313Two young girls were talking about their sex lives...
314Why do they say that eating yogurt and oysters...Funny!
315While enjoying a drink with a mate one night...
316How can you tell if your date really digs oral sex?
317A Long Chocolate Fallus StoryFunny!
318A long-haired youth was hitchhiking through the deep South...
319What do jello and a woman have in common?
320Little Johnny's dad is sitting on the side of the bed...
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