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281What's an Australian kiss?
282What's the most active muscle in a woman?Funny!
283Mary went to Jill's place to tell her about a horrible...
284What's the worst thing about being a paedophile?
285After spending a night at a hotel with a prostitute...Funny!
286What's a real mate?
287There was this hooker who mistook a Salvation Army man for...Funny!
288How do you piss your girlfriend of when your having sex?
289Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods...Funny!
290What do you get if you cross your missus with a pit bull?
291What's the difference between white onions, brown onions...
292How does a yuppie couple perform doggie-style sex?
293Five fingers
294This bloke went into a nightclub and saw a gorgeous...
295How do you know when your girlfriend is on anabolic steroids?
296Mick was sitting at the pub telling his mate Harry...
297What does a camera and a condom have in common?Funny!
298An irresolvable problem
299One day a housewife was going about the usual business...
300Whats long, hard and full of semen?
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