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201Why does Mary Lou Retton smile so much?
20297 year old man comes to his doctor looking depressed...
203Husband: Want a quickie?
204One afternoon this young girl knocked on the door of her neighbor...
205Did you know that the night Santa first met his future wife...Funny!
206Mrs. Ogden went to her doctor and said...Funny!
207Forgot to pedal
208What did the boy with a long tongue and big lips say to his mom...
209What is the Definition of Agony?
210There were two bulls, a young one named George and an old one named Sam...
211How can you tell when your girlfriend is horny?
212Playtonic relationship
213The aged patient doddered into...
214What do you call a rabbit with a bent dick?
215Did you hear about the guy that entered his dog at Crufts?
216What is green and eats nuts?
217Did you hear about the flasher who was thinking of retiring?
218A huge guy marries a tiny girl, and at the wedding...Funny!
219What do you call foreplay in Alabama?
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