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1Our bright childhood...Funny!
2Gay banterFunny!
3First illegal, then legal, then...
4Why the Lesbian tennis star could not compete in the Dutch Open?
5Coming out
6Two lesbians were standing at a bar drinking...
7A man walks in to a doctors office...
9A name for a penis
10There is 2 fags walking down the beach...
11This one is really disgusting...Funny!
12What do you call two lesbians in a canoe?
13A farmer goes to confession for the first time in twenty years...
14What do gay men refer to hemorrhoids as?
15Wrong joke
16Sword playing
17What is the difference between a ritz cracker and a lesbian?
18What do you call a gay man scrotum?
19What is the most popular pick up line in a gay bar?
20What did one Lesbian Frog say to the other?
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