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21Why do blondes like lightning?
22Why did the blonde scale the chain-link fence?
23At the Doctors...
24A Blonde...Funny!
25I cannot find a cause for your illness...
26This guy and a blonde are making out feverishly...
27A business man got on an elevator in a building...Funny!
28I was shopping at our local supermarket...
29A peculiar birthday cardFunny!
30A blonde decides to try horseback riding...
31How do you confuse a blond?Funny!
32What do you do when a Blonde throws a grenade at you?
33How do you get a blondes eyes to sparkle?
34How did the blond break her leg while raking leaves?
35Why did the blond get fired from the M&M Factory?
36Whats the difference between a blond and a Mosquito?Very Funny!
37Why do blondes drive BMWs?
38What do you call a blonde lesbian?
39Why did the blonde fail her driver license exam?
40What do a moped and a blonde have in common?
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