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21Jones is driving past the state mental hospital...Funny!
22After a couple of years a couple wanted to have children...
23Gosh, what a pun!
24The bad news and the good news
25Two doctors found themselves on the beach in Hawaii...
26What do you call an armless, legless leper in a swimming pool?
27Give me the bad news first...
28What is the worst part about getting a lung transplant?
29What is red and sticky and crawls up a girls thigh?
30The medical student was asked four reasons...Very Funny!
31A dyslexic nurseFunny!
32A man and a woman were waiting at the hospital donation center...
33What the difference between true love and herpes?
34When you go to the hospital how do you find the head nurse?Funny!
35There was a costume party at a mental hospital...
36A large difference
37What is the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer?
38What does an elephant use as a vibrator?
39What do you do when an epilectic takes a bath?
40A little changeFunny!
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