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1Iraqi vs. American
2What goes in and out and smells of piss?
3One day, a Smartie and a Polo were having a drink in the pub...
4How to call penis
5What is brown and has holes in it?
6Donald MacDonald from the Isle of Skye...Funny!
7A journalist assigned to the Jerusalem bureau...
8A rural Frenchman was on trial...Funny!
9An Indian gentleman on his first visit to the USA...
10A roving reporter from the BBC was touring a remote part of...
11What do you call a Highlander with four sheep?
12How do you play Iraqi bingo?
13Guns in a gardenFunny!
14Greedy Kiwi
15What do you call four sheep tied to a post in Cardiff (Wales)?
16An American was waiting on a London street corner...
17Made in Canada
18A Pollock walks over the Red Light District in Amsterdam...
19An American tourist is visiting China...
20What's an Australian kiss?
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