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421What do Marriage and a Tornado have in common?Funny!
422A story with a moralFunny!
423It's dark in hereVery Funny!
424A Jewish Mother
425Last winter I was laid up at home with the flu...
426Mother-in-law burialFunny!
427Two men were changing in the locker room after a game of tennis...
428Six stages of married life
429Was your wife a virgin when you married?Funny!
430What should you say if he asks you Am I your first?Funny!
431God made a man and then rested...Funny!
432Age difference
433Finally, a worthy pyramid scheme!
434A young Jewish man excitedly tells his mother...Funny!
435An affair with the horse
436Some relativesFunny!
437It's in the Bible
438Silent treatmentFunny!
439How he became a millionaireFunny!
440Is The Coast Clear?
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