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361A hundred dollars
362Safe sex
363Slight confusion
364An old rabbi is talking with one of his friends...
365Is there a doctor in the house?
366Sarah was reading a newspaper, while her husband was...
367The room was full of pregnant women and their partners...
368A novel grasp on marriage
369The young wife was in tears when she opened the door...
370What a Woman Really NeedsFunny!
371A trucker who has been out on the road for three weeks...
372The wife coyly tried to explain her purchase of a new...Funny!
373When is premature ejaculation a serious problem?
374Olympic condoms
375What's the best way to make yourself last with your girlfriend?
376A chinese detectiveFunny!
377A fair warning
378A well laid out planFunny!
379Definition of Outdoor BarbecuingFunny!
380A change of styleFunny!
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