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81Sister Mary burst into the office of the principal...Funny!
82When this guy heard that the Pope was coming to town...
83The Mother Superior in the convent school was chatting with...Funny!
84Two priests and a rabbi were discussing what portion of the...
85A few years ago, when the Catholic church reform began...
86On the steps of this church two pan handlers were doing their daily...
87What did God say after creating man?
88The local priest came across Paddy who had...Funny!
89A fine sermon
90In a small Southern town there was a nativity scene...
91ZHow offensive is that?
92The priest was preparing a man...
93Soap dispenserFunny!
94Pastime for Passover
95Mr. Smith was brought to Mercy Hospital...Funny!
96Show him your crossFunny!
97The Pope was working on a crossword puzzle...
98A priest and a lawyer are walking down...
99Three girls died and were brought to the gates...Funny!
100One balmy evening in Rome the Pope decides to...
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