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21Falling downFunny!
22Guy goes to hell and is met by the devil...Funny!
23A mother was teaching her three year old daughter...
24How did they know that Jesus was Jewish?
25Three couples wanted to join a church...Funny!
26Heaven and smokingFunny!
27A teacher, a garbage collector, and a lawyer wound up together at the Pearly Gates...Very Funny!
29The absolved
30Father! Father! An old man on crutches walked up...
31Two Irish lads had been out shacking up with their...
32Six people were on a plane...
33Two nuns are walking down an alley...
34Four nuns arrived at the gates of heaven...Funny!
35Ought to be hung
36An old drunk stumbles into a confessional...Funny!
37Camel DiedFunny!
38Nuns First Hot Dog
39Pope Dies
40The HatFunny!
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