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    A game warden came upon a duck hunter who had bagged 3
   ducks and decided to "enforce the laws pending." He stopped the
   hunter, flashed his badge and said, "Looks like you've had a pretty
   good day. Mind if I inspect your kill?" The hunter shrugged and handed
   the ducks to the warden. The warden took one of the ducks, inserted
   his finger into the duck's rectum, pulled it out, sniffed it, and
   said, "This here's a Washington state duck. Do you have a Washington
   state hunting license?" The hunter pulled out his wallet and calmly
   showed the warden a Washington state hunting license. The warden took
   a second duck, inserted his finger in the bird's rectum, pulled it
   out, sniffed it, and said, "This here's an Idaho duck. Do you have an
   Idaho state hunting license?" The hunter, a bit put out, produced an
   Idaho state hunting license. The warden took a third duck, conducted
   the same finger test, and said, "This here's an Oregon state duck. Do
   you have an Oregon state hunting license?" Once again, only this time
   more aggravated, the hunter produced the appropriate license. The
   warden, a little miffed at having struck out, handed the ducks back to
   the hunter and said, "You've got all of these licenses, just where the
   hell are you from?" The hunter dropped his pants, bent over, and said
   "You're so smart, YOU tell ME!"

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