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Save the Yeasts

                      EVERY TIME A LOAF OF BREAD
                              IS BAKED,
                        150,000,000 YEASTS ARE

                 Come to the award-winning 1987 film,
                  "The Very Small and Quiet Screams"
        -- a cinematic electromicrograph of yeasts being baked.

"A must for those who care about yeast, and especially for those who don't."

                | Evening showing in Johnson & Wales |
                |    Pirsig Auditorium: 7PM, 4/19    |
                             SPONSORED BY
                Brown Anaerobe Rights Coalition (BARC)
               Student Bakers for Social Responsibility
              Coalition for the ELevation of Life (CELL)
                   Campus Crusade for Fetal Matters
   Defend all life: 'from greatest to least, from human to yeast!"

            This poster printed on 100% yeast-free paper.

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