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TOP 10 McGreevey jokes....

  10  NJ state bird - swallow.
  9   New Jersey Turnpike renamed Hershey Highway.
  8   NJ raises terror alert level to lavender.
  7   We know he didn't like bush, but this is ridiculous.
  6   Now we know why McGreevey enjoyed "polling" so much.
  5   What does McGreevey and the Israeli navy have in common?
               Jewish seamen.
  4   NJ DMV now calls rear-end accidents a "mcgreevey".
  3   Gives new meaning to "stuffing the ballot box".
  2   Post headline: "McGreevey goes down!"
  1   It shouldn't take McGreevey long to get out of the governor's
      mansion - he's already got all his schitt packed!

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