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A man comes home from work one day and he says to his 
wife: "Honey, I got a new secretary. And imagine what 
happened!  She's got a red and white bra. You know, these 
are the colors of my favorite football team. Anyway, it's not 
a big deal but it feels good."

The next day when they come home his wife asks, "How was 
your day?"

The man says: "Fantastic! It's not only her bra that is red and 
white but also her panties. You know it's not a big deal but it 
really feels good!"

The third day they meet at home after work and now the man 
asks his wife, "And what happened today in your office, 

She says, "Oh, nothing special, sweetheart. I got a new boss 
today. His dick is two inches longer than yours. You know it's 
not a big deal but, hell, it feels good!"

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