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A roving reporter from the BBC was touring a remote part of the
Scottish Highlands looking for material for a documentary about
the way of life there.


     Hello there, excuse me, I'm from the BBC and I'm gathering
     material for a documentary about the way of life in the
     remote parts of the Scottish Highlands. You look like an
     interesting fellow, perhaps I could interview you? 




     Well, perhaps you could start by telling me your name? 


     Well now there's a story. Y'know I deliver the mail round
     here, but do they call me Donald the Postman? No they don't.

     You see those fine crofts up on the hill there, well, I
     built more than half of them myself, but do they call me
     Donald the Croftbuilder? No, they don't.

     And did you pass the nets down in the harbour? Well, I made
     several of them, but do they call me Donald the Netmaker? No,
     they don't.

     But, I tell you, a moment's weakness with just ONE sheep .... 

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