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   Bank Teller
   A middle aged man walks into the bank and says to the young teller, "I
   want to open a
   fucking checking account". "Please sir", she replies, "we can't have
   language like that in
   here." "Why the Fuck not?" he asked. "Sir," Came her retort, "I must
   ask you to refrain
   from swearing." "I don't give a shit what you want," he answers, "I
   just want to open a
   fucking checking account."
   With this the teller leaves and returns in a moment with her branch
   manager. The manager
   asks if he might be able to help the gentleman. "Shit yes", came the
   reply, "I just won 14
   million dollars in the lottery and want to open a fucking checking
   account." The branch
   manager says, "I see, and this stupid, fucking, bitch is giving you a
   hard time?"

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