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Cronin goes to a barber shop to get his hair cut. The barber cuts his 
hair, and after he gets done, as Cronin gets up and is taking out his 
money, the barber goes over and takes a leak in the corner of the barber 
shop. The barber finishes and comes back.
As Cronin hands him a twenty-dollar bill, he says, "Listen, it''s 
none of my business, but...why would you take a piss in the corner of your 
barber shop?"
The barber says, "Hey, my lease is up in two I care?"
The barber goes over to the cash register, rings up the haircut, and comes 
back with Cronin's change. When he comes back, Cronin's standing there 
taking a shit on the floor.
The barber says, "What are you doing?"
Cronin says, "Well, fuck, I'm leaving now." 

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