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   Warning - English Joke!
   UK-US Translation Guide:
   "Aussie" = Australian
   "Shag" = To have sex with
   An Aussie was marooned on a desert island. His only companions were a
   male dog and a female koala. The dog and koala hit it off, and for a
   year the Aussie could only sit and watch while the dog humped the
   koala senseless.
   "Lucky bastard!" thought the Aussie, "I could do with a good shag
   myself. "
   One day a beautiful naked blonde was washed up on the beach.
   "Hi. I'll do anything you want me to," she said to the Aussie.
   "Great!!! At last, after all this time!!! Take the dog for a walk,
   love, while I shag this koala."

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