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Today's poems[10.30.98]

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There was a young fellow in Buckingham. 
            Wrote a treatise on cunts and on sucking them, 
                But later this work 
                Was eclipsed by a Turk 
            Whose topic was ass-holes and fucking them. 

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There was a young lady from Waste Who fled from a man in some haste. She tripped as she ran, And fell flat on her pan--- She sometimes still dreams that she's chaste.
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There was a young squaw of Wohunt Who possessed a collapsible cunt. It had many odd uses, Produced no papooses, And fitted both giant and runt.
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There was a young sapphic named Anna Who stuffed her friend's cunt with banana, Which she sucked bit by bit From her partner's warm slit, In the most approved lesbian manner.
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There was a young man of Dumfries Who said to his girl,"If you please, It would give me great bliss If, while playing with this, You would pay some attention to these!"
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There was a young girl of Bavaria Who thought her disease ws malaria. But the family doc Remarked to her shock, "It is in the mercurial area."
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There was a young girl from Odessa, A rather unblushing transgressor. When sent to the priest The lewd little beast Began to undress her confessor.
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There was a young lady of Norway Who hung by her heels in the doorway. She said to her beau, "Hey, look at me, Joe, I think I've discovered one more way."
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There was a young woman in Dee Who stayed with each man she did see. When it came to a test She wished to be best, And practice makes perfect, you see.
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A sempstress at Epping-on-Tyne Used to peddle her tail down the line. She first got a crown, But her prices went down--- Now she'll fit you for ten pence or nine.
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