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Today's poems[10.28.98]

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A king sadly said to his queen, 
            "In parts you have grown far from lean." 
                "I don't give a damn, 
                You've always liked ham," 
            She replied, and he gasped, "How obscene!" 

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There was a young man of St. Paul's Possessed the most useless of balls. Till at last, at The Strand, He managed a stand, And tossed himself off in the stalls.
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There once was a fellow named Trete Who from birth was inclined to be neat. He became extra fussy When he thought his pants mussy, And would throw them away in the street.
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There was a young lady from Munich Who was had in a park by a eunuch. In a moment of passion He shot her a ration From a squirt-gun concealed 'neath his tunic.
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"At a seance," said a young man named Post, "I was being sucked off by a ghost; Someone switched on the lights And there in guaze tights, On his knees, was Tobias mine host."
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There was an old lady who lay With her legs wide apart in the hay, Then calling the ploughman, She said, "Do it now, man! Don't wait till your hair has turned gray."
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There was a young man of Soho Whose tastes were exceedingly low. He said to his mother, "Let us suck one another, And swallow the seminal flow."
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An opera singer named Black Would fuck anything with a crack: Sidewalks and board fences, Young goats and cheese blintzes, And the cheekiest man in his claque.
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There's a man in the Bible portrayed As one deeply engrossed in his trade. He became quite elated Over things he created, Especially the women he made.
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There once was a man of Sag Harbor Who used to go with a fag barber. He gave some auditions In many positions, And now he plays flute with Jan Garber.
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