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Today's poems[10.27.98]

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There was a young fellow named Price 
Who dabbled in all sorts of vice. 
He had virgins and boys 
And mechanical toys, 
And on Mondays... he meddled with mice

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A lecherous fellow named Babbitt Asked a girl if she'd fuck or would nab it. Said she, "From long habit I fuck like a rabbit, So I'd rather cohabit than grab it."
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There were three ladies of Huxham, And whenever we meets 'em we fucks 'em, And when that game grows stale We sits on a rail, And pulls out our pricks and they sucks 'em.
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There was an old sheik named Al Hassid Whose tool had become very placid. Before each injection To get an erection He had to immerse it in acid.
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A certain young person of Ghent, Uncertain if lady or gent, Shows his organs at large For a small handling charge To assist him in paying the rent.
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There was a young genius in Texas Who could flex his own solar plexus. It made his ding bounce, And he caught every ounce Of his magical spraying of sexus.
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Said a girl being had in a shanty, "My dear, you have got it in slanty." He replied, "I can use Any angle I choose. I ride as I please---I'm Duranty!"
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There was a young girl of La Plata Who was widely renowned as a farter. Her deafening reports At the Argentine sports Made her much in demand as a starter.
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There was a young girl named Maxine Who found a new use for the bean. As a vaginal bearing She found it long-wearing, And it varied her fucking routine.
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A Plumber whose name was Ten Brink Plumbed the cook as she bent o'er the sink. Her resistance was stout, And Ten Brink petered out With his pipe-wrench all limber and pink.
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