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Today's jokes[10.11.98]

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The man at the bar, deep in private thoughts of his own, turned to a woman
just passing and said, "Pardon me, miss, do you happen to have the time?"

In a strident voice she responded, "How dare you make such a proposition to

The man snapped to attention in surprise and was uncomfortable aware that
every pair of eyes in the place had turned in their direction. He mumbled,
"I just asked the time, miss."

In a voice even louder, the woman shrieked, "I will call the police if you
say another word!"

Grabbing his drink, and embarrassed very nearly to death, the man hastened
to the far end of the room and huddled at a table, holding his breath and
wondering how soon he could sneak out the door.

Not more than half a minute had passed when the woman joined him. In a
quiet voice, she said, "I am terribly sorry, sir, to have embarrassed you,
but I am a psychology student at the university and I am writing a thesis
on the reaction of human beings to sudden shocking statements."

The man stared at her for three seconds, then he leaned back and bellowed,
"You'll do all that for me all night for just ten dollars?"

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