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Today's quotes [4.1.21]

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"My purpose here is to clearly demonstrate to all concerned that you are
 indeed insane; so that all doctors, policemen and other persons of
 authority will be shown to their professional satisfaction the truth of
 my statements. Please, do not change colour while I am talking to you."
                        -- MC 900ft Jesus, "Tiptoe through the Inferno"


"Mutually consenting classes may of course do whatever they like with each
 other, but even that doesn't necessarily make it right."
                        -- Programming Perl, 2nd ed.


"I want us to be something that we can't."
"What's that?"
"A normal couple."
                        -- Holden, Alyssa, "Chasing Amy"


"... but BELIEVE YOU US, if this weren't a SERIOUS situation, we wouldn't be
 discussing it in ALL CAPS."
                        -- a virus hoax hoax


   Here's one seen above a urinal:
   look up
   look up
   [even higher on the wall]
   keep looking up
   [on the ceiling]
   Quick! Look down! You're pissing on your shoes!



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