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Today's stories [5.6.20]

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Francis Bacon:

One of the most influential minds of the late 16th century. A statesman, a
philosopher, a writer, and a scientist, he was even rumored to have 
written some of Shakespeare's plays.

How he died: Stuffing snow into a chicken

One afternoon in 1625, Bacon was watching a snowstorm and was struck by 
the wondrous notion that maybe snow could be used to preserve meat in the 
same way that salt was used. Determined to find out, he purchased a 
chicken from a nearby village, killed it, and then, standing outside in 
the snow, attempted to stuff the chicken full of snow to freeze it. The 
chicken never froze, but Bacon did.


British Columbia, Canada: Police officers on patrol about 1:00 am
spotted 4 men breaking into a vehicle. They gave chase on foot,
catching and arresting two of the men. The other two escaped. A
couple of hours later, two men showed up at the main desk of the
police station, asking when their buddies were going to be released.
They were carrying (and wearing) items which had been stolen from the car. 


Representative Tim Moore sponsored a resolution in the Texas House of Representatives in 
Austin, Texas calling on the House to commend Albert de Salvo for his unselfish service to 
"his country, his state and his community." 

The resolution stated that "this compassionate gentleman's dedication and devotion to his work 
has enabled the weak and the lonely throughout the nation to achieve and maintain a new degree 
of concern for their future. He has been officially recognized by the state of Massachusetts 
for his noted activities and unconventional techniques involving population control and applied

The resolution was passed unanimously. 

Representative Moore then revealed that he had only tabled the motion to show how the 
legislature passes bills and resolutions often without reading them or understanding what 
they say. Albert de Salvo was the Boston Strangler. 


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