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Today's jokes [11.7.19]

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What is the rallying cry of the International Dyslexic Pride movement? 

                       Dyslexics Untie! 


AGE        DRINK
        17         Wine Coolers
        25         White wine
        35         Red wine
        48         Dom Perignon
        66         Shot of Jack with an Ensure chaser


Moshe Rabbinowitz decides to join the country club near his home. He goes 
in and is turned down flat because he does not meet their "standards."  So 
he enrolls in the finest schools to learn the art of being culturally 
rich. Moshe learns to cook the finest of foods, appreciate the best art, 
drive the best car, wear the classiest suits, etc. He even hires Professor 
Henry Higgins to educate him in the proper speech and behavior.
The big day arrives.  Martin James Roget arrives at the country club for
his interview.
   "Tea?" the interviewer asks.
   "Earl Grey, hot please."
   "Polo, racket ball, hunting."


What's the new documentary about Madonna going to be called?

                             Missionary Position Impossible.


How do you turn a Fox into a Pit Bull?

Marry her !

Sent by Bob


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