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Today's jokes [10.9.19]

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What do you call a dog with no legs? doen't matter, it's not going to come anyway!

Sent by Melissa


What is the worst thing about our justice system? 
You're leaving your fate in the hands of 12 people who
weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty!  


What do you get when you cross a blonde and a lawyer? 

Hey! There's some things even a blonde won't do. 


John receives a phone call.
   "Hello," he answers.
   The voice on the other end says, "This is Susan. We met at a party
   about 3 months ago."
   John: "Hmm... Susan? About 3 months ago?"
   Susan: "Yes, it was at Bill's house. After the party you took me home.
   On the way we parked and got into the back seat. You told me I was a
   good sport."
   John: "Oh, yeah! Susan! How are you?"
   Susan: "I'm pregnant and I'm going to kill myself."
   John: "Say, you ARE a good sport."


Q: What is the best time to wean the baby from nursing?
A: When you see teeth marks.


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