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Today's stories [1.6.19]

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William B. Singleton, 24, just released from jail in Belton, Mo., on a 
larceny charge, allegedly broke into a vending machine in the lobby of 
the police station and stole a 60-cent Strawberry Twisteroo while he 
waited for his ride to arrive. 


Twelve men were arrested near Szczecin in northern Poland as they were 
digging up a road because they had heard a rumor that it was built with a 
large stockpile of police-confiscated hashish. The hashish had been sold 
to a chemical plant to be incinerated into ash for road construction. 


Jeffrey J. Pyrcoch, 19, and an alleged accomplice were arrested in West 
Lafayette, Ind., in May on theft and fraud charges. Pyrcioch allegedly 
cashed checks that he had written with disappearing ink, apparently 
believing the checks would be blank by the time they were presented to 
the bank for collection. However, traces of ink remained, and police said 
Pyrcoch would have a better chance of getting away with it if he had not 
used checks pre-printed with his name and account number on them.


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