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Today's stories [12.24.10]

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Adventures in teaching

My friend likes to read his two young sons fairy tales
at night. Having a deep-rooted sense of humor, he often
ad-libs parts of the stories for fun.

One day his youngest son was sitting in his first grade
class as the teacher was reading the story of the Three
Little Pigs.

She came to the part of the story where the first pig was
trying to acquire building materials for his home.  She
said "...And so the pig went up to the man with a
wheelbarrow full of straw and said 'Pardon me sir, but might
I have some of that straw to build my house with?'" Then the
teacher asked the class "And what do you think that man said?"
and my friend's son raised his hand and said

"I know! I know!  He said 'Holy smokes! A talking pig!'"


For many years I worked as a police dispatcher. Well, one 
day I got a call from a lady, very upset because a man was 
driving around a Walmart parking lot exposing himself. 
Well, I was very professional and took all the information 
and was starting to hang up when she added how upset she 
was by the whole thing and "besides, if they want to take 
those little things out and play with them, they ought to 
stay home." Needless to say I lost it at that point, 
sputtering out "Yes m'am" and hung up the phone.  

Sent by Laura


Amazingly, the woman who brought charges against Marv Albert has
announced that she wants to be sportscaster. 

NBC gave her an audition but she sucked. 


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This guy was playing a game of texas holdem poker and had already lost 300 dollars when suddenly he looked down, and just next to the table he sees a little green leprechaun.
"Jus quit playing poker right now and I will give you a million dollars worth in a pot full of gold said the little green gentlemen.
The player replied, sure "just Let me get even first."

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