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Today's quotes [6.26.04]

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"Salmon Day: The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream
 only to get screwed in the end."
                        -- From Ross Williams' FunList

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"President Bush announced tonight that he believes in democracy and that 
democracy can exist in Iraq. They can have a strong economy,they can have 
a good health care plan, and they can have a free and fair voting. Iraq? 
We can't even get this in Florida."

                                             - Jay Leno

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Never eat at a place called Mom's. Never play cards with a man called Doc. 

     - Edward Abbey 

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"She sure is a striking beauty."
"You said it! She slapped me twice."

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"Well I been called LUCIFER...
 And I been called SATAN...
 But my name's RICHARD...
 And YOU can call me DICK..."
                        -- Killdozer, "Richard"

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