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Today's stories[6.6.02]

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A mother in Pittsburgh tells of having dinner with her little son and daughter. It had been a long, trying day at home, and her husband was still at the office. Both children were fussy and didn't want to eat, and her patience had reached it's limit. She looked up and sighed, "Oh, God, help me with these children." Immediately her four-year-old daughter bowed her head and was silent. The mother was delighted, thinking the girl was asking God to help her be good. But then the girl looked up at her and said, "I just asked Him not to help you." from "Faith, Hope and Hilarity: The Child's Eye View of Religion" by Dick Van Dyke
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One of the most effective ways of sharing the feeling of God's daily presence with the family is to have the children ask the blessing for the evening meal. But, of course, many families don't have this custom, which accounts for the puzzlement of a little boy who went to dinner with his parents at the home of a very elderly gentleman. After watching the old man bow his head and speak in hushed tones, the boy asked his mother, "What did Mr. Bryan say to his plate?" from "Faith, Hope and Hilarity: The Child's Eye View of Religion" by Dick Van Dyke
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Got in trouble for watching a woman breast feed her baby at the mall, she got mad and told her husband to beat the shit out of I admit the flashbulb may have made the baby cry....
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