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Today's stories[6.4.02]

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ONE THING When my sister teased her four-year-old daughter by suggesting she liked a boy in her kindergarten class, the little girl was quite indignant. "No mummy, I don't" she replied, "because he's only interested in one thing." Shocked, my sister cautiously asked what that might be. "Power Rangers, of course," said the toddler. WEiRD ALPHA Mailing List
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HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? We were doing the weekly ritual of trimming everyone's nails that needed them today, and I saw that Kaitlyn's were pretty stubby because she chews them quite often. When I asked her if she had been chewing them, she said "No, I don't know why they aren't growing. I haven't been watering them!" Ginny DuPont ALPHA Mailing List
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WHICH CAME FIRST? Reader said her son, Aaron, who is halfway between 2 and 3, was looking at a picture book, pointed at an egg and declared, "Cookie." "No, no," mother corrected. "That's not a cookie. Look again. What is it?" "Marshmella," Aaron said. "No, not a marshmallow," mother said. "Think about it. What do chickens lay?" Aaron's face lit up. "McNuggets," he shouted triumphantly. Terry Marchal Charleston Gazette
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