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Today's poems[6.7.02]

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In the soap opera heard in Gomorrah, The heroine wakes up in horror To find that a prick Nearly three inches thick Is halfway up her tune-in-tomorrow.
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The Bishop of Solomons diocese Was stricken with elephantiasis, The public beheld His balls as they swelled By paying exorbitant priocese.
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There was a young fellow from Dallas Who enjoyed doing things with his phallus. So many tricks did he try It became, by and by, Little more than a leather-tough callous.
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There was a young man from Peru Whose lineage was noble all through. Now this isn't crud For not only his blood But even his semen was blue.
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There was a young lady who came from Decatur, Sang like a bird in a movie theater. An alley cat heard Her sing like a bird, So he snuck in her room and he ate her.
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